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# (c) 2013-2018 Jerome Alet - <>

This file documents the genltolabels command line tool.

It is a tool which uses MyTapeLabels' XML-RPC API to generate 
Barcode Tape Labels for LTO Ultrium Backup Libraries and Oracle's
StorageTek T10000 Backup Libraries in the form of readily printable
PDF documents.

This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License of the Free Software Foundation, version 3, or, at your
option, any later version. You can read the full text of this license
in the COPYING file present in this directory.

IMPORTANT : You can use this software without any API key, because it
already includes a default key used to generate demonstrations and/or
calibration pages. So feel free to download, install, and use it,
until you are satisfied and ready to subscribe.

Prerequisites :

  * GNU/Linux and UNIX-Like operating systems :

    * The genlabels command line tool available from this directory :

      $ wget
      $ chmod +x genlabels

    * The Python language interpreter and its standard library, for example with Debian
      and Ubuntu :

      $ apt-get install python

  * MS Windows :

    * Automated installation :

      * Download and install genlabels-0.5-win32.msi

      * Only if needed, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
        Redistributable Package from :

    * Manual installation :

      * Download and install Python 2.7 from

      * Download and save the genlabels script without any filename extension.

Usage :

Obtaining help :

  * GNU/Linux and UNIX-Like operating systems :

    ./genlabels --help

  * MS Windows with automated installation :

    C:\"Program Files"\genlabels\genlabels.exe --help

  * MS Windows with manual installation :

    C:\Python27\python genlabels --help

IMPORTANT : in the examples below, only the GNU/Linux or UNIX-Like
command line is shown. Adapt it to your needs as shown above if you
use MS Windows.

Obtaining the details about an API key :


Without any command line argument, the details about the 'DEMO' API key
are displayed.

Learning the available template names, media type names, styles, or
color schemes, by using any unknown value or special keyword :

  ./genlabels --template XYZ998

or :

  ./genlabels --template help

Printing a demo file onto OnlineLabels OL173 paper to calibrate
printing offsets in order to match the precision of your printer (NB :
demo labels are not deducted from your subscription's total, so print
as many as you need) :

  ./genlabels --template OL173 | lp

Doing the real thing, generating a diagnostic label and an universal
cleaning label as well as 3 LTO6 labels for each day of the week, an
additional bunch of unassorted LTO labels, all in the default style,
with your API key and the required offsets as measured on the demo
page printed previously :

  ./genlabels --apikey a0b1c2d3e4f5f6e7d8c9 \
              --template OL173 \
              --colorscheme vibrant \
              --mediatype L6 \
              --outputfile mylabels.pdf \
              --xoffset 5.3 --yoffset -2 \
              "DG 001L1" CLNU33L1 \
              MON001 MON002 MON003 \
              TUE001 TUE002 TUE003 \
              WED001 WED002 WED003 \
              THU001 THU002 THU003 \
              FRI001 FRI002 FRI003 \
              SAT001 SAT002 SAT003 \
              SUN001 SUN002 SUN003 \
              MYCOMPL3 ABS001L5 WO4359LU

BEWARE : the above command line will really use your labels, so if
you're not sure generate a preview first with the --preview command
line option. Previews allow you to visually check what would be
generated, and are free. However labels generated in preview mode
contain barcodes which all read as 'PREVIEW0' in a barcode reader, so
they are not useable as tape labels.

Several other possibilities exist, so read the help, play with it,
enjoy, and if you feel inclined, then please send some feedback to us

Thanks for your support !